...The Night Howls...

Do My Pierecing Howls Make Your Ears Ring?,Am I Your Shooting Star In Your Night Blank Sky?,Am I The Wolf Howling At Your Full Moon,Im In Pieces!,Pieces,Pieces...,Can You Solve Me Like A Puzzel?,Or Am I Really That Stubborn?,You Decide My Future Either Im Salty Or Sweet...,Am I The Lone Wolf Howling At Your Full Moon?,Full Moon...,Ooohh Its Impossible To Get You Outta My Scent , Am I Your Shooting Star In Your Night Blank Sky?,Is It That Hard To Say That I Love You?,Ooohhh Its Impossible To Look At Your Deep Blue  Eyes,Could You Save Me If I Drown?,Could You Catch Me If I Fall?.

This poem is about: 
Our world
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I Tried And Please No Hard Comments Its My First Song Thats Public!

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