A Night With Her Mind

A Night With Her Mind

Thoughts smeared on her white pillow case
Like mascara dripping from her eyes,
But it favors a gorgeous disaster
Like rainbow pastels making love
To each other on a canvas under the moonlit sky,
At night, those thoughts are conceived;
Evidence left on her white pillow case.

She watches as he paces back and forth past her bed,
Eyes deep gray piercing into her soul,
Fingertips grazing the sheets she lays in;
She wants him to embrace her,
Send enrapturing sensations up her spine,
See the secretions of ideas capture her thoughts..

Mess being made meticulously
He dishevels her thought process
Covering the rainbow pastels with the darker hues of the night
Adding deep grays similar to his eyes;
What a gorgeous mess he's made.

She loves how much she hates him
Messing with her art
Messing with her heart
Gripping at it as it beats in her chest with a burning hand,
She reaches out to grasp his hand,
Just to at least, feel the veins extrude under his arm as his emotion intensifies,
She senses his deceit,
But is infatuated with his unique creativity in his lies.

She loves to hear the raspiness of the truth bounce off his lips,
But acquired a love for the coarseness in his voice of the lies,
It comes spilling out her soul onto her white pillow case;
Her white canvas,
Now marked up with ink that resembles him immensely,
As she relives his madness looking at the art she's made,
She realizes she can't live without him
She calls her lover.. The mind.

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