As the Night Falls Softly

As the night falls softly on the frosted eve,

All alone a star shines, wanting to relieve

Any doubts or sorrows leaning on the mind

After cold dispensing, cruel and unkind.


Little does the whisper of a Child’s birth

Penetrate the ashes of the frozen earth;

Yet the withered tale through time shall never fail.

That – a maiden’s journey – ever shall prevail.


Her sweet courage lasted through that icy night –

Coldness, need of shelter, all these things despite –

Under light of one star guiding all her way

On the path to Heaven; there, that she would stay.


Now the earth is bitter; winter echoes through.

Golden sunlit snowbanks streaked in shadows blue

Promise of a someday foretold so long ago

When all dwell in Heaven far from cold and snow.


Solace yet is found here in the watchful sky

Under crystal stars, but many souls deny

That a trusting maiden giving birth to Love

Did once walk beneath the winter skies above.


Wearily time passes; days of old are gone

Of the Child and maiden that the star shined on.

Silver, still, the snowfall; silent wind the same –

Now as then the day our blessed Savior came.




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