Night Dwelling in Mind


Finding no way to elaborate,
That one glance at your face,
Getting bruthas outta place,
Increased heart rates,
Or joy that awaits,
Am I bait?
A pawn?
Come to late,
Love delayed?
What I could be is an adhesive to the heart,
Just a thought,
As you buzzed through I caught,
Feeling a new beginning has risen,
An open door to another dimension,
We're from two different divisions,
2 people in the same atmosphere,
1 driven by confidence,
One paused by fear,
As I look into your eyes things become clear,
As I look into a mirror a blank vision stares,
You seem to appear,
Everywhere and I'm just here,
With no way to help myself,
Except bottle tears,
If that makes me less of a man,
Then a man I'll never claim to be,
I thought everyone had fears that they want no one to see,
How am I different,
How is my appearance,
Any less vivid?
How are my dreams any less driven,
Despite the fact that girl in my mental,
Is harder to communicate with,
Than writing a letter with no pen or a pencil,
Harm to the temple,
Finding no temple,
Or way to covey my message to people,
Well just her,
Beautiful with the voice if a 1000 angels,
This girl is lucifer,



Great poem! Very creative use of rhyme! Has a nice flow


Thank you! I appreciate it a lot! 

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