Night Cafe


United States
42° 53' 4.1748" N, 78° 29' 52.53" W

The rain clashes against these smirking pub lights,

welcoming strangers walking on wet roads.

Stocky men mark the room's corners

reaching up women's exposed upper thighs,

Partners in this rain dance.

Catching the reflection,

I find me walking sideways,

rubbing against pool tables.

I steady myself

and witness cats streaking by

just trying to keep their whiskers clean.

Other women wander through

with whiny lips slurring woos;

I wave my cigarette--

my body is lazy.

The weather mellows on.


I'm feeling as full as the moon:

Happy and Chinese-eyed...

Oh how I wish to moan like a wolf

and run away with my prey.


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