The Night the Angel Visited Me

Staring out the window, examining the stars.

I put my finger to my heart and recall the mournful scars.

I pray to God and bow my head,

Kneeling peacefully by my bed.

An angel comes and embraces me

I’m filled with comfort and ecstasy.

She speaks to me in a voice that’s sugary-sweet.

“I heard about your uncle. Child, it’s not defeat.

He lived kind of wild, too much fun.

He defied the night and cursed the sun.

He went astray but soon returned.

God took his sins, forgave him, his past he burned.

But it was too late For his body couldn’t take it

He jumped in the fire but couldn’t take the heat.”

I pondered this and dried my eyes.

I looked away, out in the skies.

“Didn’t he deserve a chance?”

I said, images filled my head.

“Yes. But he needed help.

God took him to his kingdom

So he can care for him there.

God thought it important to share

With you, the fact, that all was forgiven.

God’s mercy has prevailed

And your uncle’s past is hidden.”

I pondered upon this again and then she spoke,

“Do you blame God for what he took?”

“No, he had reason and I can’t ask why.

Only he knows.

The best I can do is cry.”

“You are blessed. You are enlightened.

Now lay down to rest

And always remember

God doesn’t take the best. He accepts the least and the humble,”

I heard her mumble.

In a flash, she had gone.

One step farther I had gone.

Everything was okay

Even on bad days.

I trusted God and he noticed me,

My pain was healed and I rose from my knees.

I got under the covers and lay my head down.

A smile replaced my upsetting frown.


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