The Night


The broken road beats on alone
In the howling cold and night unknown.
Beside myself, I laugh at life 
As rain beats flesh like a knife.
The cold mocks my distant core,
And the night scorns me even more.
The cold light ensues,
Stabbing me like tears.
Harmful rainbow blues
Deplete my burning years.
Air is thin, and cold, and weak
The dapper kind you wish to seek.
I scream with amity
At the light awaiting me.
Forgotten are the midnight men,
Who wait until the chance again
To kiss the night and fade away
Into the bleak, and dreary day.
For as long I live, and as I fall
I speak these truths, I speak them all.
Beyond the night, into the sight
I plead thee just end your fight
But as the dawn breaks in new,
I remember what I miss in you
And truth becomes light,
While gone is the night.
The night is you, to leave so soon;
Ephemeral dreams, and fleeting moon
Time, time again resets my heart,
Soon to stop again and fall apart
You are the night,
Hidden from sight.
The night is you;
Too soon to be true
Still so new to be fleeing from me
Even though the truth is plain to see.
You are the night.


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