At night I close my eyes

To sleep, to dream. At

Night I open my 

Eyes again unable

To sleep


Unable to find peace in this 

Oppressive darkness within me for

When I close my 

Eyes I feel

The heat


The heat of your fingers trailing 

Across my skin. Of the 

Blush that forms on

My cheeks. Of 

The tears


The tears that leak from the 

Corners of my eyes from

When I remember the 

Feel of your

Lips on



At night I feel the touch

Of your skin on mine.

Of your arms holding

Me close to

Your chest


I hear the smooth sound of 

You breathing, each rise and 

Fall of your chest

At night I 

Feel pain


The pain of losing you and 

The pain of the past

The pain of what

It was like

Kissing in 



Rain. At night  I long for

You. At night I let

Myself feel for you,

Tossing and turning

All night




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