Fri, 05/22/2015 - 20:17 -- Jorah

Bless her little heart 

She gets scared at night

Black ghost, black souls, black places she doesn't even know

Bless her little heart, she's all on her own


She feels it's hands creeping around her ankles 

It's breath on her toes

Her mouth is shut tight and every time she moves she gets trapped left and right

She's feels it sucking on her heart and soul


Her eyes are wide open

Her ears hears the voice of the night

As it moves all over her body

She is scared at night


The night keeps it moving

The night makes it swallow her whole

The night gives it control 

The night tells it to possess her soul


The night makes it rob her of her only fruit 

The jucie spills from between her throne

The night tells it to take a little more

The night wants it to enjoy the sweet bliss


Pressing in her throne

Searching for the gold

Keeping it as it's own

And leaving her all alone


It was the bliss

And the night

And it

And temptation's wish 


So bless her little heart 

Bless her little heart

Bless her precious soul

Bless her from the sorrow


Cause now she gets scared at the night

Afriad another will come raid her throne



This poem is about: 
Our world


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