Mon, 07/21/2014 - 12:49 -- Ocen


You make my dick hurt,

you make my dick hurt, my penis hurts,

when i see you, it stands at attention,

fully erect and almost ready to vomit

so tall, as if it had a growth spurt

busting out of my pants…no, just bulging a lot

like the beansprout jack wasn’t supposed to plant

my reverse tree is trying to break through the fabric of my jeans to get to you like the tree in the story broke through the clouds

Its all your fault and i blame you entirely. My penis has a head but no mind of its own,

its just pulsatingly veiny with a giant will to bone

Open your legs and we wont hesitate to dive in

because drowning in your essence  is all i’ve been dreaming

all dripping wet and sticky, forgive the use of graphics

but i crave to squeeze deep in between and savor the moist warmth within your lips without teeth

we’ll play tennis betwixt thy meat, ill serve you this cock and you can paddle it with both cheeks.

Your scent isn’t the greatest, but its enough to do the job

like anti-chloroform i’ve awakened and the munchies for that booty is definitely what i’ve got.

by Ocen



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