The Next Step of My Dream


United States
36° 7' 37.3008" N, 79° 53' 8.4552" W

I was so excited to be begin my dream,
But as I approached the room, nervousness sank in.
My only issue is my shy personality,
I have to get past it.

How can I talk in front of young kids,
But not in front of my peers?
What’s going to happen if I freak out?
Can I even do this?

Of course I can.
I was meant to teach.
This internship can only help me,
I was called to do this.

Kindergarten would be a breeze,
Second grade might be a different story.
Now that I’m in the classroom,
I know that I can do this.

Had I only known how much I would love them,
These kids mean the world to me.
How could I leave them?
But I had to, my time was up.

As I left for the last time of my internship,
Tears ran down my face.
I vowed I would be back,
If only to visit for a moment.

Oh how I hope my future students will be like this,
Smart, adorable, trying to impress.
I will always remember them,
How could I ever forget?


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