Next Gen

Teenagers always make trouble

Those rotten teens have corrupted the neighborhood 

What is the world coming to?

They will never make it on their own

I can't believe that these people are the next generation 

The next generation will destroy the world

Look at the mess they have made

And you say this within my earshot


Now how should I answer you?

If I protest loudly that we are not the source of your problems

You point at my outburst and declare

That's exactly what I meant

If I present logical evidence you discount it based on your opinions

Since you are older than me you are obviously more experienced and right

If I sit quietly and say nothing you call me lazy

If I agree I have brought my age to your attention and ruined myself in your eyes 


In case you hadn't noticed 

No one lets teenagers run the massive corporations that suck the economy dry 

No one consults us on minimum wage 

Or what a fair cost of an education is

Or if an education will buy you a job anymore

Because it was true for you

And we all know that the world is static

Because you said so


Not one disaster was caused by my generation 

We didn't embezzle so much money that we crashed the stock market

We didn't decide to fight the most devastating wars in the history of the world in the same century

We didn't spill the oil in the gulf or deplete the world's resources so badly that gasoline is a line item in everyone's budget 

We didn't systematically oppress millions of people across the globe through laws or through terror

We didn't decide to air news of less importance to hide the problems of planet Earth like unsightly warts

Nor did we devise the systems that we can easily point out the flaws in

Justice, education, failing job market

Congress is not filled with rowdy teens

And they sure screwed up more shit than we have


How dare you call us lazy when you deny global warming exists and delegate it to the very ones who you scold

How dare you say we have messed up the planet when you haven't given us the reins yet

Ever since the time of Socrates, the next generation's values have been questioned and tested

And the old fight the rising of the new

They've all passed, although your parents may have been right about you


We've inherited a world so broken that duct tape won't make a dent 

And are criticized for criticizing you

And if we are a messed up, irredeemable bunch of misfits

You need to remember that we do not live in isolated cohorts of age

But are influenced by those who came before us

We imitate our teachers ever if they have no good qualities whatsoever

So if you want to know what broke my generation 

Find a mirror 


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