Newtown into a "New Town"

Fri, 05/24/2013 - 18:57 -- KaiciG

December 14, 2012, our lives were changed.
New town, Connecticut was the center of our attention for weeks.
Our eyes were glued to the screen,
we listened to and saw the heart-wrenching story of dead, innocent children
who would not live to see another Christmas.
We saw the tears of a community,
paralyzed with shock.
They tried to absorb the news that the second
deadliest school shooting occurred in their small, seemingly safe town.
"Will they ever be the same?"
some of us asked.
Newtown will never be the same.
How can a city that was so simple, so safe
ever turn their lives around after grasping what just
happened in their community?
Can any of us imagine the agony, the pain,
that the parents endure every time they put
their child on that school bus,
Not even knowing if at the end of the day, their child
will get off and come back home?
Will Newtown ever be the same?
Or is Newtown just a "New Town?"


The Endertainer

I live fairly close to the school and you turned all of our emotions into a beautiful poem!


I really appreciate this comment! Thank you so much!


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