News Or Nightmares


why is the media scary today
Twenty dudes got married and gay
the world viewed it as okay
for marriage i pray
in our flesh we stay
 the blessed lamb we slay
you want to see my nigtmares
tune in and turn on
the news today !

its important to notice the flaws
may I take second pause
as search for the cause
cuz trayvon was..... looking like me
but Zimmerman was looking like he
so innocent was his plea
only in a world like this could he be set free

were so quick to call kanye and jay z the devil
but from the bible we rebel
we take hypocrisy to a whole new level
about to digg in to the worlds problems bring a shovel

The news talks about Syria
 and the war in Iraq
but to Darfur we turn are backs
only difference their people are black
where was that war on terror during apart tide
from real problems the U.S. hides
thus slavery  we let slide
I know then jesus must have cried
the U.S. is married and oil and money they bride
to bad unlike katrina
fema didn't sweep in like a tide'
America a place that rewards lies
Ask Vespucci what was his prize
Nixon was pardon from his crimes
I see my country as it is a lord of flies


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