I learned about life from a child that was learning to walk.

Learning to walk for the very first time.

Thinking about it,

My parents,

They held my hand and guided me through,

Taught me how to avoid obstacles and taught me how to get through.

After I could walk on my own,

They released my hand and wondered what I could do.

It was my life now,

I finally understand.

Understand that there won't always be someone besides me,

I'm always going to fall.

And when I fall I'm going to cry,

Get hurt,

And be in pain.

But I realized..

That wasn't going to stop me.

There I stand again, and if I must I'm going to crawl.

To get to the destination, goal and the end of where I am going towards to.

Then I'm going to get up and continue again.

That's how I learned that I was already taught how to live life ever since I was two.


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