New Years Joy

The clock’s hands are slowly turning to the next tick,

Each and every second being savored Never turning back to relieve them again.

As I stand to see the ball of the New Year drop, I see the hands rewinding in my mind

Taking me to the days of changing times,

Trying to remember every second.

I remember the holidays of few a days ago,

The distinct voices of people talking,

The aroma of the food,

The smiles of different shapes and sizes.

I look at this And my heart begins to skip beats.

The extended family, once separated from me because of different lands,

Are all here within arm’s reach,

Instead of voices from machines

Or grainy versions of ourselves trough the computer.

Happiness floods through me And relief of seeing relatives again.

It was the best change of all my years.

The hands begin to circle clockwise at an alarming rate,

To take me back to the spot where I’ve been standing all along.

I look about me and I see my family again;

Eagerly waiting for the clock to strike twelve,

In those last seconds Of the year that will soon die off,

I will end it with the biggest joy that I could ever have,

The best change that I had ever encountered,

And it’s the bonding of family that made it all worthwhile.


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