New Year's Eve


The tik-tok of the clock

The whistling and hissing of the winter air

Roaring and screaming that suddenly stops

Long enough for a heart to beat once

The resounding gong of the clock that struck twelve

Upon a new hour, a new day, a new year

Running and sprinting and clunking down three flights of stairs

And past the pool that hasn’t been used since last year

And up the creaking boards to the roof of the pool house

Where a fire is crackling and popping and burning

And standing with friends that ran just as fast

To stand on the ledge in the cold silent air

And look out on the city that has always been there

To watch the first explosion go off in the sky

The first fire, the first light, the first dream

And then all around fire lights up the sky

And out goes a shout in the invisible black air

As all are happy to send off a new year

I stand there a moment and take in one last breath

Letting out memories with the frozen air

And embracing new ones with grace and care


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