A New Year A New Song

2016 played out like a song,

Starting off slow then dropping the bass.

But wait let's take it back to the intro

Where things where slow

And break it all down

To the things only I know.


2nd semester of junior year

Started track with expectations stacked to the max.

After every meet striking up more curiosity,

People start asking questions like

Where you're from? What's your name?

Like we're some kind of celebrities.

Then all of a sudden we really are.

Standing on a podium cause we're the stars,

Starting from the bottom and ending on top

With gold around our necks like some big shots.


Then summer comes around like an old friend,

But the chorus is different

because this is where the bass begins.


First there's an attack down in Orlando.

Then mass casualties start around the globe;

Black lives matter but so do blues.

Gotta catch'em all while losing weight too;

Then juju on that beat; hit the streets.

While Rio de Janerio became a witness

To the world's best jocks in the Olympics.

Make America Great again became a thing;

Then the world crumbled under election day


Did I forget to mention senior year started this season?

Volleyball started with an unexpected twist,

Losing our coach who was very missed.

Basketball coach took the job, and in the end, surprised us all

With another trip to state underway

Ending with silver but that’s okay.

Because proving people wrong and showing them we can,

Made it a bitter sweet memory in the end.

Realizing now that we're has-beens is tough,

But look out; here we come

Basketball is here, and we aren't done.


During everything we've done,

We apply to colleges

That will separate us all one by one.

Then there's the stress that's added on

When the topic of future comes along.

Questions pop up like an interview:

Where you gonna go? Whatcha gonna do?


Looking back now, it's hard to believe

Just how fast went 2016.

Now welcome in 2017

With a new song filled with new memories.

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