New Year, New Me.

New Year, New Me

By Lauren Jenkins

The year of 2016 has been filled with new discoveries,

Sleepless nights and triumphant victories,

I’ve learned so much on every single day,

It still inspires me today.

My mistakes in 2016 led me to be completely honest and true,

I would often think to myself, “You will always be you.”

Last year, I was a person, who always thought the worst,

And most often assumed the consequence first.

I would second guess myself, causing me to get every possible right answer wrong,

Too much, I would think, and too strong.

I was a pessimist, who thought of the worst.

My beliefs became my way of living, I thought I was cursed.

Before it could get any worst, an epiphany stroked me.

I realized that I could do better; I could learn how to breathe.

Instead of overthinking and making conclusions,

I will analyze the problem because I have so much to be proven.

Reality became harsh, I lacked what I needed.

I knew what to do, just become a leader.

Thinking hard, making decisions, and improving my attitude towards life,

Became a primary goal, it wasn’t going down with a fight.

I realized my passion after the many downfalls I had.

I vowed to never let a failure make me sad.

After I would fall, I would try again.

And if I didn’t get that right, it still wouldn’t be the end.

I enjoy succeeding and reaching my goals.

There’s always a little more to discover on these roads.

The hurdles in the last year defined me so well.

I will succeed in the present, I will not fail.

The goals that I set will be close to the sky.

You will be able to tell my passion by just looking me in my eyes.

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