A new year.

Mon, 12/30/2019 - 22:37 -- Itz18

I have been wondering lately

why reciving a new year does not make me euphoric anymore.

I used to enjoy the start of a new year greatly

but it seems like ageing is the factor that I don't adore.

The events that form the memories of the year that end

always play in my mind 

like experiencing an epiphany.

Throughout the months I seem to be blind

I cannot live in the moment

I seem to be always be thinking abou the past or the future.


is my companion

I will change

I should enjoy my life

because it will go away

I do not how and I do not know when

I hope for a new year with less stress

A new year with faith and accomplishments

A  new year without depression

A new year with love

for myself and for others

I want a New Year!

I am inpired by my family

I have to be better and do better

I hope for a new year!

With more familiy time and less fighting

I want a new year!

In which singers that I love are happy

I want a new year!

In which the world is more peaceful

I want a new year!

In which I have more freedom

I want a new year!

In which I feel the year is mine,

for me to enjoy with happiness and not grief.

Oh! I wait for

A New Year!



This poem is about: 
My family


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