"New World"

I sit down 

First day, first class

New faces are all I see 

I see smiling faces

Faces, all staring back at me

Comforted, that's how I feel

Routine, that's what I need 

Structure, crucially important

New friends, new professors

All around me


As time goes by

Somehow I feel lost. 

Lost within myself. 

Doubts, lonliness, fear of being alone.

I think to myself, "Will I be able to do this?"

"Will I be able to hold my ground?"


A while later a friend is there. 

A constant, outgoing, smart, kind face

Staring back at me

And I know then that I don't have to pretend anymore


I realize that I can finally enjoy the trees 

Natures changing colors and the releasing of their leaves


You are not alone in this new world

This new reality that you are living in 

That much is true 


You have the power to change the world

I'll take up that challenge 

Will you?







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