New Start

No one want to grow up,

Where for me i never wanted to,

Playing with dolls through elementary,

I never missed a episode of spongebob,

Waiting for mom to pick me up from a long days of work,

I remember when mom used to lectured us on sundays,

You better be your best, she alway say,

Waving from the van in junior high,

I never knew how much i grown,

Until i stepped off that bus,

Dressed down in all back gown and cap,

I remember all the stranger cheering,

Names being yelled, as my family stood up,

Seeing my name being called,

I couldn't believe it,

As my feet wobbled underneath me,

I was graduating,

This was it,

I was an adult,

There was no more messing off,

No more goofing off,

This paper was legit,

As my hands held it close,

Squeezing it,

I had actually did something and finished it,

Making sure to not fall,

Watching other come and go,

People i didn't even know,

Friends passing me by,

I realize this was my new start,

After these doors let me leave,

There was no turning back,

It was now and forward,

What ever mistake i made,

It was on me,

Every decision i make,

It was up to me


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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