New Shoes

I have new shoes. 

They were my cousin's and then my sister's, and now they're mine. 

They may not light up or clack or shine 

And you won't find them on TV or ads 

But if you ask me

They don't scuff. 

Because they take the hard stuff, they take the abuse. 

They know like I know that I'm worn already. 

I've walked miles but these shoes 

They've trekked across the world 

Felt the grass on every lawn 

Outran a race or two 

They're not new shoes 

And I 

I like them shoes that have a little character. 

And these shoes ain't on nobody else's feet. 

At least I'm not walkin' bare 

I've got a roof over my head and a warm bed and 

Even if my food ain't as hot as I wish 

And I don't got friends 

I'm not selfish. 

Because I got new shoes. 

They got soles and I got a soul 

Two of the same 

They're a little rough around the edges 

And they came from two other people 

But I, I'm the same. 

So these shoes and me, us three

We'll do just fine walking these streets 

Strolling through life 

With a grand world view 

And my brand new shoes. 


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