New Perspective

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 15:03 -- jbatman

For the woman I’ve never met


One who has lost more than I have,


Resurrecting the memory of her mother and brother, murdered in cold blood -


Gracefully, calmly, on the screen in front of me.


I am the opposite of her, who has more courage in her heart than anyone else.


Victim was a label she dismissed the second it was put on her,


Earnest to be the protagonist of her own story.


Not one tremble, not one shaky word, not one tear, while...


Endless waterfalls stream down my cheeks.


She spoke of sympathy for the sinful, in her case, the killer.


Surprise, horror, fear, suffering… the man who scarred my own life… should I forgive him, too?


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