Mon, 09/30/2019 - 09:30 -- Samkolo

Cuffed hands
Captive Souls Broken freedom
Lying Low like a log of wood in a deserted island. The story of sudden pass...........  Nigeria
Back from the past of a  great nation. Decades ago we battled with everything on the line. Not even in the face of unending warfare. Chains were broken from a captive hands.  Slave became masters of land. We became emotionally free to fight for what right....... Nigeria
Now we suffer invasion from the said bristish lords. Our choice of life became an option. Not until 1st October 1960
A day I was told the freedom was bought with a prize of our hero past......... Nigeria came into birth.. Eyes of a sparkling water. A lion was crown king.
Nigeria what more could we have ask for
If not a land were it rains milk and honey
Rich in mineral. Not until a generation was introduced. Now we lost track of time because time was timeless............ Nigeria. We started enduring what was suppose to be enjoyed. A place Where our hospitals are abandoned and death traps. Where a youth demands accountability, and is locked up, and other youths debate about his tribe rather than his passion,where scores are killed daily by ritualists, book haram, arm robbers, and all vices,but it becomes a national debate when a law maker is been harrased in a far away land!. Now pay attention rather than focus on what wrong. We can start explaining the sketch of a new birth. we must rise up and begin to make what matters count ,. Now is the time to conceive a new Nigeria
...A Nigeria of our own philosophy!!!!! A Nigeria where chains of all kinds are looked up in the museum,  A Nigeria where we are not scared of dreaming. Because of the fear of losing it, as an illusion. Where poverty is not accepted as a way of life. A Nigeria that whenever I am been called upon I can boldly tap my chest with my passport in my hands and Scream I AM NIGERIA.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My country
Our world


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