The New Me

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 20:17 -- sofsyd

Hijab: it is so much more than just a piece of cloth; it’s a part of me. It represents my identity, my religion, my choice. The symbol that I am free to express who I really am. My faith, love, and devotion to God. My decision to represent my culture and its people. It’s the key to a hidden world where no one judges me. The reminder that I am different, but not alone. An idea that I am a part of two completely diverse worlds. The balance between physical and spiritual needs. My savior and protector, from now until the hereafter.


They see a new me. I’m still the same as before, but then why am I treated so differently? The reactions weren’t supposed to be so intimidating. Society promotes diversity and acceptance of differences. Why the long harsh stares? It’s still me; nothing has changed. I’ve found myself, but I guess it’s not who people were expecting. Good friends become blurry memories. Whispers of prejudice everywhere I go. Living in fear of being left behind, all alone. Days of crying, pouting, and angry rants.


They see a new me. Strangers come up, taking the step of talking to an outcast, a hijabi. One by one, new relationships bloom. They know who I am, what I’m capable of. I find strangers supporting me, believing in me. I can return to the world I was once a part of; I am no longer unwelcomed. There are still stares, but there are also some smiles. Perhaps this piece of cloth is starting to mean something to them as well.


Hijab: the fundamental aspect of my persona. The realization that everything will be fine. A stronger belief and trust in God. The idea that my future is bright. A reason to believe that I am capable of so much more than I expect. The promise that there will be obstacles, but only to strengthen my spirit. The guarantee that I will find my way, guided by my virtues. A reminder of who I really am.



This poem is amazing..and very true too. Way to go sof.


Good job sofi! Beautiful poem!


Good luck. Very well written


Good job sofia


Beautiful poem Sofia. 


Very well written!!   A lot women could relate to it..


Very Encouraging!!


An excellent piece of work and written very eloquently from the heart. 


Excellent writing..... Very inspiring!


Love it! 


keep it up


Way to go, Sofi! 


A great poem! 


Very well said Sofia! Excellent Job!


This is beautiful, ma sha Allah! This truly defines what hijab is so precisely, more than any textbook definition could do it justice. Love this so much!!


Excellent poem on hijab. 

Speaks for the women who chose hijab and 

definitely inspiring for women who are thinking of wearing hijab

hope u continue to write many more........... Inshallah


MashaAllah! Excellent!!!

Very inspiring and encouraging. Well done! keep up the good work!


Very well written. 


Nice poem sofia


It's beautiful(:


Keep up the good work sofia


Beauitiful sofi!!! :)


Great job Sofia! Keep it up!


Thank you all for the lovely and supportive comments! It means so much to me... Thank you! :)


May Allah bless you with everything good from the heavens


Inshallah whenever I start wearing hijab some credit will go to you.very inspiring

eram nida

Good job Sofia !! 


MA, lovely poem Sofia, you have very well shared your feelings about wearing hijab.


Ma sha'Allah, this poem is beautiful!


Beautifully written, can you check out my poem ? it's inspired by the hijab also. it's called "honey are you hot in that thing you got on your head?" :).

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