New Me

Swollen eyes,

Head full of lies

Heart lies in pieces on the floor.

Tears flow like a facet

I wish I could stop it.

Broken heart sinks to my stomach

Causing me to plummet to my knees.

My brain agrees with this awful feeling.

My bones are chilling,

The lack of your warm touch

Is enough to send me spiraling. 

I wish I could mend the broken seams among us.


The stitch of life could save us,

But the thought makes me twitch.

Perhaps we are better this way,

Just broken parts from back in the day.

I will always love you, but now in a different way.

When we pass and say "hey,"

I will vaguely remember how your simple grasp was enough to make me stay.

It's time to move forward,

No more clues.

Just my shoes, tapping the pavement as I wander a new path, away from you.

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