The New Man

Today's man is loose, his strength reduced and lacks in truth.

 In a world, where women no longer serve, younger men are pervs and a man's only in words.

 Humanity strayed away from love, we work less hard now than a day in the life of a bug.

 Losing life's game, hugging hatred and clinging to pain, while sincerity remains without a name.

What have we here? From my eyes drops a tear, when I see groups of men laughin' at anothers' downfalls and fears.

 But this is what we've come to, I refuse to embrace this world as being true.

Scattered peices of a band, others' emotions lost in the sand.

 Here I stand in the mist of the cold weather, produced from the lack of emotions and the sudden drop from God's hands. I ask...............Where is the heart in a Man?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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