New Language


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United States

Beloved has been born

in intricate finger movements

and tree limbs on a new summer breeze.

Love, these may only be words you've heard before

from lips of a silent history of old promises left in dusty air.

But I will try to speak in new tongues.

I will write a new language for you

that consists of the way your eyes look at midmorning,

sleepy whispers muffled by the sound of closing garage doors,

and the flinch of movement before midnight embraces you.

These words will bring worlds to life.

Creating nights where even the thinnest blanket will set fire to the skin.

Destroying the aches in elbows and knees.

Bringing relife to knotted backs and quadracepts.

Pine trees find solace in linked branches

shedding old needles of past mistakes.

Connections only completed with the brush of cheeks

as we say Hello Again.


Lover, you are the voice in the flames,

you are new needles, fresh air;

everything I will know and never forget in my lifetime.

I will always call back to you.

Hoping that after sometime has past,

You will hear,


This, my new language.



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