The New Land

When Christopher Columbus discovered the new land, he really thought it was oh-so-grand

Of course, now, if he could see what it's become, he'd smile proudly at a job well done

But George Washington sure wouldn't, no, he'd roll over in his grave

And stare at our beloved country, America, as if it were a cave

Just another dark grave, filled with bodies of innocent people shot to death too early by police

Meanwhile racism, sexism, and homophobia continues to increase

And the top 1% keep getting richer, the poor keep getting poorer, and the wage gap between the two is growing, causing the middle class to struggle and it's a never-ending cycle where the rich exploit the poor and politicians make war and decide that it's their decision as to what a woman can and can't do with her body.

Oh, sorry, is this getting too real?

So sorry, let me just shut up before I get killed.

Just kidding! After all, it's not like people get harassed for speaking the truth, right?




Politicians and the rich say:

"No money for homeless people or for schools? Not our problem!"

A high school senior asks:

"Hey, how much does college cost?"

And they reply:

"Oh, not much, just a few thousand dollars, some loan debts that'll last you a couple of years, and an arm and a leg, no biggie!"

Sure, give to the poor, let refugees in, for whatever you do to them, it will be done to me as well

Isn't that what the Bible says?

But for some reason, people cherry-pick the verses that best fit their views and create a God that hates the same people they do because they can't see past their own bigotry.

The national debt and unemployment continues to rise, and yet war seems to be the only solution to our problems

Why not have companies create new jobs? 

Why not change up the welfare programs so it benifits all old and poor people?

Problems will continue to rise and sweep our country down unless we all work together to put an end to it as one country that is standing together, not apart, not divided, but as one.

This is a call for unity, for love and peace and not bigotry

Stand together and stand tall.

Let's give it our all.


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