The New Jim Crow Era, The New Apartheid In America

This is a new Jim Crow era, a new ugly system of Apartheid

Is going on in America, a crime that we're unwilling to hide.

We've been to the mountaintop. We know, for sure, how it is

To live free. We're ready to eradicate all unwelcome diseases.

In New York City, NYPD has had a policy of "stop and frisk";
What that means is if you are the member of the minority,
You'll be stopped. You must carry a card proving your identity.
Otherwise, you can be arrested and jailed. W are all at risk.

The current administration has a very aggressive immigration
Program. A daily curfew is on. This is maybe a blatant violation
Of the U.S. Constitution. For some officials, believe it or not,
These laws are a piece of paper; this only thickens the plot.

Democracy is under fire, democracy is on the back burner,
And many progressists are alarmed. This is a Police state.
The Constitution is sporadically suspended and its fate
Is sketchy and dubious. The belligerents are in power.

Many immigrants are scared; checkpoints are in all corners.
The cops are belligerent; thinking all minorities are smugglers.
Since the last election, we've been struggling in a new America.
The citizens are edgy; this is a strange galimatias, a chaotic era.

Copyright© February 2017 Logerie Hebert, all rights reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several books of poems. Friday, March 3, 2017


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Michael Allen Roche

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