New Heights

She deserved brokenness 
Like a caged bird 
Deserves a key. 
She took those shards of herself
And with them 
She was set free. 
She soared above 
The life she once loved 
Now able to see clearly. 
She pecked at the shards 
Of her own broken heart 
And built a mosaic tree. 
From that tree 
She found a nest 
To grow into a family. 
Without broken shards 
Of all that she loved
She never could have lived 
So far above. 
Her broken heart 
Was the only key 
That lifted her up  
To all she could be. 
The day she was shattered
She couldn't have known
That she would be better, 
And from it she's grown. 
Now her wings take her
To skies and new flights:
She's the flawed flyer 
Who soars to new heights. 



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