-NeW AgeD Shit-

New aged shit/ I want you but no commitments/ I do me, I got you but I still want to fuck around with them/ I'm not ready to settle down yet/ but I want to kick with you when it's convenient/ I love you and later on in life I plan to marry you/ but for now I'm not ready to commit to you/ lets just be together without being together/ lets do everything they do in relationships but I'm not gonna claim ya and I'm single so you can't be mad if I occasionally go and sleep with her/ new aged shit/ no value in the women or men we sleep with/ no value in ourselves/ allowing men to put us up in storage or up on shelves/ for when they feel like being there/  and put us back in safe keeping so none else can take us any where/ craving a warm body to lay next to/ when the nigga ain't only laying next to you/ when there is unexplained time unaccounted for/ but he ain't committed  so you can't complain, he ain't really yours/ he will dress it up,  put it in a beautiful box and top it off with a bow/ tell you how special it is but can't announce it for anyone else to know/ but no matter how beautiful the packaging/ inside is still an empty space full with nothings / this new aged shit is crazy/ what's going to happen when you actually need a partner a companion/ real love doesn't just happen once your done being forever young/ multiple bitches/random niggas/ what are you building into your future with these constant changes/ what happens when you have no one to trust when you can't make your own real life decisions/ who you building with/ main chicks and side dips/ who gives a fuck what the title is/ y'all still sharing the same nothing as nigga/ and when it all boils down to it y'all both playing the same position/ under appreciated/ this new aged shit I can't get down with it/ fuckery for the mind, the future holds a bunch of weak as family foundations.      


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