The New

Oscar was on a train
Another year had passed
He was celebrating with family, friends
He was just having fun
A new year 
Sean was having his last night of freedom
In a few hours he would be married to the love his life
Laughter around his friends, stories, jokes
He was just enjoying his youth
A new love 
Trayvon was at the peak of his life 
17, fresh faced, bright eyes
A family that loved him dearly 
He was just trying to eat
A new outlook
Eric was simply a jolly man
He made people laugh
People enjoyed his caring and humorous personality 
He was just trying to entertain
A new world
Mike had his dream
He was going to college
He was doing things his friends never thought of
He was just trying to achieve 
A new life
There is nothing new 
It's the same outcome
People with dreams are killed
People who want to live die 
we live the old 
And old is s the routine 
As we watch our people die
We watch ourselves die
And the worst part is
We don't even know it because we are so used to the injustice 
We dream of living 
We dream of change 
We dream of life
We dream of new
Knowing the new is only an idea



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