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Sun, 11/18/2012 - 21:46 -- Keydra


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The rush that powers
The adolescence mind
The roar that shouts
That tell the mind what to think
The molders that grow with adolescence
To show them the way
But no one knows the way
They try to help guide the youth
But nothing is done right
They still act as though no ruling has been done
But the ruling has always been there
Beside them guiding them to the wrong path
Showing them that the whole was created by another color
But never changing themselves to make a change to be seen
Its not just another race to blame but the individuals themselves
Never counted but as a whole that is never singled into the true
Seeing them as the problem
But why are they the problem
Is it because they act different
Because they are timid
Or the reason you had
Was that no one can calm you
To show you the world is not a place
For you to show what you got
But the world to show you what it got
Rather than you making no change
The world is still changing
And you left behind the polls

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Never put a poem out lol sorry for the naivety

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