Neverlasting Pain


Close your eyes and think about  How you feel when your are weak?


Imagine being so broken but you have nobody to help you


Imagine being beat every single day

But you body is getting weaker

Every hit that eject from your body


Imagine have people use you

Like you are the trash that goes in the can everyday


Imagine having people turn back

Because you were too broken

For them to see you bruised


Imagine giving everything for people

Who did not deserve it

You were there when they needed you


Imagine your body gave up on you

You are in the dark

too weak to cry

To weak to scream out in pain


Imagine the one who loves you the most

Giving up on you

Allowing people to abuse you were weak


Imagine you are chained in a corner

You try to fight your way out

And over time

Your body gives up on you


imagine your body gave

Your people gave up

Your soul gave up

Your mind gave up


Now you are walking in this

World with no fucks gaves


You are so weak but you have

To stay strong


If No one gave a fuck about you

You will know not everyone gave up on you because

God did not give up on you


He was there when you were broken

He was there when you were used

He was there when you were lonely

He was there when you were empty


Just imagine that you are not lonely in this game called LIFE!




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