Never Same

In the beginning there was nothing, lonely in space I orbited,

Shaded blind till she came along my dearest friend illuminated

My surface yet she couldn't come closer as she was furiously

Blazing I couldn't handle, yet my days of darkness where then over

Then it hit me, the hollow within throughout grew hideously it made

Sense that something was missing because lonely still I felt.


My tears grew to streams, then I thought of ways to maintain myself

Through seasons yet it wasn't enough as obstacles grew rapidly I needed

Assistance thought of things big and small till you evolved to supreme,

Things where habitual till you started studying my nature, existence, life,

My elements and molecules, atmosphere, space and beyond reach,

Fond I was till you started to edifice my surface I was never the same,

Doing good by and for existence you said, yet slowly my resources,

Depleted I was no longer the same.


Till date maintaining myself, including those whom listened to my calling

It is insurmountable still, lonely I ain't no longer yet WANTING, I remember when

Everyone was civilized and envisaged a better and preserved future for every

Being yet now, I'm just another decaying cosmos which was once earth a mother

Of all man, animal and all nature itself...

This poem is about: 
Our world


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