Never Miss America

She sees a size 10 when she is really a 5

She sees a face filled with acne when there are only a few pimples on her face

She sees the beast in the mirror even though everyone tells her she is beauty

She sees hideous and is so self conscious about how she looks

She is a wallflower who wishes to stay unnoticed

She is obsessive compulsive about her weight and face

What she sees is not what everyone else sees

She sees no good on her outward and inward appearance

She wonders how anyone can learn to love a beast

She loves food but, is afraid to eat too much

She likes this guy but, she knows that he will never love her

She hate her self for not looking like the other girls

She is not blonde, tall or skinny

She looks in the mirror and fears what she sees

All she wants someone to love her

She winces when she is looked at

She cowers at the words you are are beautiful

She knows that looks are not everything

She just wants to have some confidence

People ask her what the one thing you would change is

She wants to change everything about herself  

She’s got to let it go


A song that is helping me get over this whole self hatred thing is Let It Go from Frozen!

I am learning that I have to let It all go it is holding me back from life because of my fear of what others think. It is just so hard there are mirrors everywhere. I find myself crying sometimes because I feel so bad  about myself. Sometime I  sometimes have the urge make myself throw up but, I always have to  fight it and never fail I am determined! That does not stop the pain I feel inside. I will not let it hold me back anymore.


Next time you hear that song just think you just have to let it all go! Don’t let your fears or pain hold you back. A wise person told me to be humble humility is not thinking of yourself less but, thinking less about yourself



-Chloe Hadden

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