Never Mind


United Kingdom

Contorted, I sleep,
Free, I dream.
Correlational streams,
Deep in Lethe it was reported.
Never mind.

I think and act in repetition,
Therapists say trauma I say Dao.
Learnt behaviour with a cyclical flavour,
My petition now.
I never had a mind.

The bacon asked me is it Love?
I said No, bad timing.
Pining in the mourning over a bad drawing of a,
I never had your mind.

I’m a teacher now,
Not wealth, for myself,
………………in front of you, reflecting creature.
Never anything than mind.

Trapped, I walk,
Rigid, I die.
Cross stitching my bursting belly,
Body is mind ask your optician.
Label thoughts lacking permission,
Skin transmits like telly.
I mind.

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