Never let go

She doesn’t believe in fairytales, because every single one has fallen apart.

She always had the dream of just “getting out.”

She hid behind a deceitful screen

She looked at herself in the mirror beginning each day,

And only asked herself one question, which mask to put on.

The sun went away, and the sky went black

Came to find herself lost in some way.

Sometimes her lungs felt crushed, and her heart was heavy,

She felt as if she’d never be good enough.

Everything in her head went quiet, for a single moment in time.

She got tired of waiting, and hoping for some entity to give her a sign.

She wanted to have the courage to be herself.

She built herself up, and worked harder each day.

She now carries herself with the motive of “you cannot fuck with me”

She's been messed with for far too long and has had enough

Now, She sees through people;

she’s telling it like it is because she knows what she's talking about.

She used to carry herself wounded and lost.

But now she is standing tall, she stands with a passion that no one will ever understand

She has the strength to get what she wants, she almost always achieves.

At some point in greatness, she has reached.

She will never forget where she came from, who she is and how she got there

And she will never let go.


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