Never Just a Star to Me

dear my darling star,

You are not just a star to me

you are much more than that

the way you shined so bright ever night

and  have me wondering if you would make my wish come true tonight

although they're many more

I am drawn to you

though in the day you slip away

you keep my wish forever to stay

looking up at you was the best part of my night

behind all of that darkness was a bit of light

with the moon by your side you'll never die

until the morning day lies

unlike me you'll live for eternity

and by observing the world

you'll be the all knowing

so I thought

I thought you would stay

I thought you'll be here

I have no reason to stay

I have nothing to look at so my life slips away

you were the reason I believed and the reason I had faith

now without you here I am lost and aging away

I have no reason to stay

but  I am writing you this letter

to let you know

you were never just a star to me

you were much more

you were life and death its self

for now im saying goodbye until I say hello again

never just a star to me

sincerely, Tyanna Soto


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