Never Give Up

Once I was broken

Shattered beyond a million pieces

My sorrow could drown the world twice

I felt beyond repair

Losing almost all my hope


My brother couldn’t fix me

My mother couldn’t fix me

My father couldn’t fix me

The psychiatrist couldn’t fix me


I was ready to fall

To sink in a bed of silk and never come out

I was ready to give up


Then she entered my life

With her smile, shining brighter than the sun

And her deep, kind eyes

She didn’t look at me with pity

She didn’t treat me like a child

She didn’t talk to me in soft, delicate whispers

Like all the others did


She took me by the arm and dragged me out of those silk sheets

She showed me by the warm sun, the crunchy leaves of autumn, the dazzling stars scattered across a midnight blue sky

She bewitched me with loud, raucous laughter

Her glorious hair of ebony


She accepted me as who I was

She never tried to fix me

She laughed at my sarcastic attitude

She smiled at my rudeness

She smirked at my eye-rolls

Most all, she never gave up on me

Not even when I begged

She never tried to change me


She merely showed me the world

And all the things worth living for

All the beauty residing on the planet

She taught me how to open my eyes and see


Soon my frowns transformed into smiles

I laid on green grass instead of dull sheets

I reconnected with my mother, brother, and father

I still had them, after all


Most of all, I fell in love

She became my wife

I am so grateful to have her in my life

She told me she would never give on me

Or leave me

I asked her why

And she replied with

It’s because I love you


This poem is about: 
Our world


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