Never Give up

There is always reason to hope,

sometimes you have to look,

past all of the difficulties with which you cope,

and all of the wrong turns you took.


But there is always reason to smile,

sometimes you have to wade through,

the pain that follows you mile after mile,

but the joy inside of you is still very true.


There is always reason to believe,

no matter how many times you've hit the ground,

no matter how many losses you may grieve,

there's always a new path to be found.


Take a moment to breathe,

take a moment to remember,

choose what to take and what to leave,

one experience is not forever.


Look for the light,

in your own eyes,

look for an excuse to delight,

savor the bluest skies.


When you come to see,

that giving up is not a choice,

you can rise above your misery,

and begin to rejoice.


One foot in front of the other,

will lead you to new opportunities,

one, and then another,

each day full of new journeys.


There will always be a new friend to meet,

there will always be a new sunrise to see,

listen to the sound of your own heartbeat,

follow its rhythm and set yourself free.


Each day is your gift,

given to you to use as you will,

will your spirit fall or lift,

how will your spirit be fulfilled?


Take this day,

and make it belong only to you,

find a new way,

to paint your sky blue.


Never give up, never give in,

because there's always another day,

there's always another dream within,

and there's always a brand new way.



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