Never Forget


United States
42° 7' 22.476" N, 71° 6' 33.1236" W

Never forget,
The bloodshed,
The battles fought,
To prove were all the same.

Never forget,
The hardships had,
The violence endured,
All in the name of freedom.

Never forget,
The echoing words,
“I have a dream.”
“This is one country”

Never forget
The people, Martin Luther King Jr.
JFK, Robert Kennedy,
And Rosa Parks.

Never forget,
Those who fought,
Those who endured,
Those whose names are unknown.

Never forget,
That we proved them wrong,
We are the same,
That we deserve our rights

Never forget,
That this is one country,
That we are one nation,
That you, too, are American.

Never forget,
But then again, who could forget?

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