A Never Ending Storm

I gaze out my window to see rain attempting to come in, it hits the glass, but then trickles down in defeat

The dark clouds loom above, and like a plague, it sucks the light off the land, leaving the world in shadows 

And in the shadows the wind began to blow, it rocks my swing back and forth, as if it wants to play

    A girl comes walking sullenly through the empty streets

    Her head was bowed, her hands were folded

    The rain thrashes down on her, drenching her tattered skirt

    The wind whipped her soaking brown hair, and kept pushing her onward

    Shivering as she passed

    She looks up at me, then back down

    She continued trudging down the dark damp street       

    The colored oaks lunged to and fro

    And their leaves went fluttering down after her

My mom calls me back to the radiant fire where my family sat

They were telling stories and sipping hot chocolate

I joined them taking a cup of steaming hot chocolate

But I will never forget that girl, though I could barely see her face, I saw her desperate, deep, blue eyes

The storm would never end for her


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