Once upon a time, and all at once,

A crash, a bang -

The crash is soothing, for it is the flow of emotions;

The stillness is moving, for it is the listless sway of trees.

Sway of me.  


In a land free of human noises,

High energy expenses, and hurtful offenses -

Oh, it must be a fairytale!

Never has a true predator snickered at its prey...

So that prey wasn’t me.  


But just like any other habitat, there’s room for domination

Because there’s no room for sensation  and rationalization.

It sometimes passes through the forest in the stream of my subconscious

The facts get in and get out.  

Strong opinions were never present.  


In a world like any other,

Where the mass of personality turns over and over,

Out from under

Around and about,

The dreaded calm is brought about

Over a dark forest night.  


Different worlds may have different days.

For example, in mine, the woods has about 2 nights in a day,

Several afternoons (it depends),

But at the same time, there’s no definite end;

It’s a mixing of seasons

With a lack of reasons.  


No reasons why it’s always changing;

Perhaps that’s why the animals are deranged

Fighting and quarreling, incessant calling.

There is sometimes unrest when the future seems appalling,

Danger impending;

Sometimes the night seems never-ending.

A never-ending story.  


No wonder why the hikers flee,

Sending ripples through the stream,

A message that company brings only a scheme - such a horrible theme.


It becomes so far-fetched that I think shadows are the only thing -

Forget that there is no object whence it came.  

Contact is but a dream.  


No thoughts or feelings on anything

The forest is as serene as can be, but then  

A crash, a bang, they both sound out silently.

The crash is soothing

And the stillness is moving, and I -

I am still inside, reading this never-ending story.  


This poem is about: 
Our world


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