Never Complaint About

You are so lucky
to have those who always
cared for you
you are so blessed
to be brought up by those
who always provided you an umbrella
when it was raining
you are so fortunate
to have spent your childhood
in those holy hands
who always pampered you and
sacrificed their happiness
to see you happy
they taught you that
happiness is real only when shared
and happiness is a journey
not a destination
they really deserve to be respected
by you with great reverence
and are responsible for
giving birth to you
they are your kindhearted
and caring parents
they did more than
what they could do for you
you therefore should never
complain about what your parents
couldn’t give you since
it was perhaps all they had for you
if you complain today about
what your parents couldn’t give you
then be prepared for tomorrow
when your children
will complain about what
you couldn’t give them

This poem is about: 
My family


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