Never Again

Sat, 06/01/2013 - 13:51 -- pallido

There was a time when her life was nothing but darkness
She could not see light anywhere
Not even from God or the angles above.
She always wished to cry to get some relief, but it never worked.
She was dead inside and she didn't know how to come back form that hell that was her mind
Always too harsh on herself and never pleased with what she did
To her, what was the meaning of life if everything she did was a failure?
In her mind she could express herself with ease
No one to judge what she said or didn't say not even herself.
She could be free in her mind in a way that she could not in the real world
Over the years she came to know the power of poetry
And she realized that she could be free on paper as well
Now she could cry with her words and she could move from the darkness.
God and his angles above were smiling down on her
And she could at last see the light through the darkness.
Never again would she let the darkness overcome her
Never again would she not cry.
Never again would she not write.


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