Neti Neti

Neti Neti, I am not the BodyNeti Neti, I am not the MindIf I am not the Body and MindWho am I? This must be definedTat Twam Asi, I am the Divine Soul, I find If the Truth you want to knowThen on a Journey, you must goYou must Realize 'You are That, not this'Until you realize the truth, there will be no blissThen only will Heaven open its door Ghor Avidya is Gross IgnoranceI lived with the Myth, in a tranceBecause I didn't know this was just my nameI got caught in my wealth and my fameAnd the Truth just missed my glance This world is a Leela, a drama I seeWe are just Actors, just transitoryThe earth is a Stage, we come and we goNothing is real, it is all just a showWe must transcend the Mind and Ego, ME Tattva Bodha is the Knowledge of the BodyWe are made of elements fiveFrom dust we come and to dust we will goThis Body is not real, this Truth we must knowTo Realize this Truth, we must strive Atma Bodha is the Wisdom of the SoulIt is the Power that makes us rollWhen we realize we are the Atman, the Soul, the SpiritNot the skin that is outside, but the Power that is in itThen we achieve our Life's ultimate goal We must start a Talaash, a QuestAnd put all our beliefs to testWe must Ask, Investigate and RealizeOnly then will we open our 'real' eyesAnd our Ignorance will come to rest Sravana, Manana, NididhyasanaThe steps to the Truth are threeWe must first read and then listenAnd contemplate to realize what is withinThen from Rebirth we will be free Sat Darshana is the Vision of the TruthIt helps us catch the evil bruteIt makes us realize we are not the Body and MindWe are the Soul, we Realize and we findAs we get to the bottom of the root Maya is a Cosmic IllusionIt makes us live in delusionIt has the power to project the MythAs it does, it conceals the TruthAnd thus, it corrupts our vision Aparoksh Anubhuti is Intuitive RealizationWe experience the Truth and get LiberationIt is not knowledge that we can get from a bookIt is beyond what the ordinary eyes can lookBut the reward is Divine Unification Why are we talking of all this?We don't realize that this is BlissWhen we go on a quest, our beliefs to testWe search and search with all our zestWe must not stop or the reward we will miss There are many who are caught in this world of pleasureThey think that money and wealth is the real treasureThey are prisoners of their Body and MindThey are the Soul, this Truth they don’t findTrue Peace and Bliss of life they fail to measure There are some who use their IntellectWhat is the Truth, they detectViveka Chudamani is a treasure, they findIt kills the rascal, the Monkey MindAnd then in Ananda they rest Tat Twam Asi, Thou Art ThatNot this, not this, we are ThatWe are not the Body that we seem to beNot the Mind and Ego that says, ‘It’s ME’We are the Divine Soul, in fact We are the Waker, the Dreamer, the Sleeper - states threeFrom this Ignorance we must be freeWe are Chaturyam, or Turiyam, the state that’s fourthTo this Truth we must all march forthThen the Witness, the Observer we will be Satyam Shivam Sundaram, do you know…It is a mantra, the Truth it will showTranslated, it means, ‘The Truth is God is Beautiful’Without God, there will be nothing wonderfulWith Realization, into this we grow What stops us is Ahamkara, the EgoWhich hides the Truth for the Myth to showAll along we say ‘I', 'me' and 'mine'And so, in agony we live, and we whineIt's time to let go of the Ego And then we must know about the Law of ActionKarma is the Law of ReactionIt states, 'As you sow, so shall you reap’If you sin, you will take Rebirth and weepFrom this cycle, we need Liberation What is the reward if all this we do?We will be Free from suffering, that is trueJivanmukti is a state of BlissIt overcomes all misery, this we must not missOtherwise, we will live as if in a zoo A Steady Intellect can transcend the MindWhen the Intellect is Steady, we are Sthitpragya we findIt is about living with RealizationAnd not letting go of LiberationUntil we unite with the Divine To Realize the Truth, we must live in YogaNot sink in this world and suffer in BhogaYoga is about transcending the MindWhat the world believes is a myth of a kindThen we are Enlightened, not blind To Realize the Truth, all this we must knowIf we have to cross this worldly showNeti Neti, Not this, Not thisTat Twam Asi will give us BlissBut to this Truth we must row What is our Life's Ultimate GoalTo Realize we are the Divine SoulMoksha, Nirvana, Enlightenment, it is calledBecause of Ignorance, this Truth is stalledUntil our Death, we just roll To Realize this Truth, we need a MasterThen to the Goal, we will go fasterIt is the Guru that takes us from Darkness to LightA Spiritual Master tells us what is rightReward is Joy, Bliss, and Laughter And then, our Journey to God we will startWe Realize God lives in the Temple of our HeartGod is the Power that lives WithinIt is a myth that he is made of bone and skinAnd from all old beliefs, we will depart I too lived in Ignorance for yearsUntil I Realized the Truth with tearsI finally realized that this was just my nameAnd I was glad and ended all my shameAnd I got rid of all my Fears If we want God-RealizationThen we must start with Self-RealizationAre we the body and mind? We are not thisThen, we realize we are That and live in BlissAnd then, we experience Unification But there cannot be UnificationUnless first, there is LiberationWe must be Liberated from the Ego and the MindWe are the Soul, this Truth we must findAnd all this starts from Realization Not this Not this, start your QuestThou Art That, only then you restTill you discover who you are notYou will never Realize, in myth, you will be caughtDon't lose your Spiritual zest


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