Neglect That Feels Like Torturing


Listen up people cuz I've got a story to tell 
about why some kids go through Hell
You see a child is like a sponge in that they'll soak up your grunge 
and your grime as you spend your misguided time to cater to your thrills 
when you can't even pay for your bills 
leaving them alone to fend for themselves when they can't even reach for the shelves 
This turns them to sadness and sometimes to anger but it's really your love after which that they hunger
they learn what they must and that yearning for love just turns into lust
They don't know what to do because they never learned it from you
So watch what you say when they run and play because your memory may be muddled with pills but theirs never will 
They'll  always remember and thats a fact 
sometimes these memory's might crack 
and wrench open a forgotten wound in their heart  that might just tear them apart 
Letting in the pain and despair that will seep in and could cause you to see your child weep. 
Do you even care?  
I know that you do because they grew inside of you and are a deeper part of you than you would care to realize 
Just open your eyes!
And finally see what they could be with your love and your nurturing 
Rather than your neglect that feels like torturing 


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